the chef

Lars Smith prepares to open State of Mind Public House, a homage to California beer and food in Los Altos. A First Place Winner ‘World Champion’ at this year’s International Pizza Challenge™ in Las Vegas (the world’s largest pizza expo), with decades of pizza-crafting experience, Lars offers his unique insight on what it takes to win.

Rule 1: Execution
Execution is most important; even a good idea can fail. It’s got to be cooked perfectly.

Rule 2: The Idea
Push your boundaries. Sure, it’s got to look good, but it’s got to be thought provoking.

Rule 3: The Sell
To win, you’ve got to self-promote. When that mike turns on, make sure your elevator pitch is ready. 

Lars Smith’s  2-Duck 2-Cherry Pizza with Bechemel Sauce ingredient highlights:

• Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras is a delicacy close to gastronomical ecstasy.

• Award-winning Point Reyes Toma farmstead cheese is rich and buttery, with a grassy tang finish.

• Chef Smith’s cherry relish is made with IP8 Beer Vinegar, a complex, viscous blend of hops and icewine grapes.

• Wild mushrooms sautéed in Rendered Duck Fat–a liquid foie gold emparting deep flavor.

• Black Garlic is complex with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency: molasses-rich with tangy garlic