‘Tailored workshops are part of what we do at The Chefs’ Warehouse. We are about offering solutions, bringing our knowledge to the table. When chefs speak to CW Sales Reps, they know we speak the same language: The language of food.’
-CW National Pastry Specialist Francois Mellet

Paradox Hotel in Santa Cruz California rose to ‘Autograph Collection’ (Marriott Group), status last year due to it’s unique aesthetic and California-cool refined vibe.

Executive Chef Pete Martinez, who only recently acquired talented young Pastry Chef Lisa Flohr, wanted to ensure Paradox’s dessert menu reflects the excitement and edge embodied in his new, provocative dinner menu.

Beth Anne Simpkins, longtime CW Sales Representative for Paradox Hotel, introduced Chef Martinez to CW Pastry Specialist Francois Mellet at CW’s Open House last fall in Union City, CA last September.

From his conversation with Chef Martinez, Mellet tailored a workshop to help ratchet up the wow factor of Hotel Paradox’s dessert menu.

The two day workshop, attended by Chef Martinez, Pastry Chef Lisa Flohr, and Paradox Associate Jonathan Duran, included one prep day for baking bases and readying items for freezing, and a final day for assembly and tasting. (CW Magazine was lucky enough to be there on tasting day! Mandatory research.)

In keeping with the definition of Paradox, (expecting the unexpected, things not being what they seem…), Mellet sought to create desserts captivating to the eye with whimsical surprises in terms of unique flavor/texture combinations.

The true paradox of the new desserts are their visual complexity but are relative easy to create. Mellet shared, “I wanted to keep the desserts simple enough, that even someone who is not a pastry chef could recreate them.”

The successful workshop culminated Chef Martinez beaming with excitement to take Paradox Hotels new dessert offerings to the venues clientele. He offered, “We have really learned so much these past couple days with Francois. We feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity.”