Working with independent restaurants has been at the heart
of what we do, and our current circumstances have made that no different. Tribeca Oven started as a small artisan bakery in New York City, over 30 years ago. After relocating across the river to northern New Jersey, we have maintained our commitment to simple ingredients and a traditional bread-making approach. You won’t find any bioengineered ingredients or preservatives in our bread; our unique process is responsible for creating the signature flavor that our customers cherish.

Today, we understand the need to deliver quality products that can handle being delivered, picked-up, and photographed for
Instagram. Our dedicated bakers are steady at work, transforming premium ingredients into the flavorful, hand-crafted loaves, buns and sandwich carriers that you experience today. From the kneading of the dough to the final loaf of bread, our team has committed themselves to an intimate baking approach to ensure that our precise quality standards are always achieved.

Thanks to their commitment to new ideas and creativity, our bakers are the masterminds behind our new products, such as the Olive Oil Panino, that push the boundaries of Tribeca Oven. Through our innovative efforts, we offer you the best bread available while staying committed to our artisan roots.

Looking to the future, Tribeca Oven is working to adopt more eco-conscious practices and operations in an effort to contribute to an environmentally-friendly tomorrow. We believe that helping the environment is crucial component of being truly clean label.

From our ingredient sourcing to our operations and packaging, we are continuously seeking ways to improve so that you can take pride in enjoying an artisan product that is also good to the environment. We invite you to share in join our artisan journey filled with a vision of quality and a passion for excellence. With Tribeca Oven, you will enjoy an elevated bread experience that will keep you and your customers coming back for more.

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