I love going out to eat this time of year. This is the season when chefs have an amazing wealth of ingredients to work with: the bountiful fruits in season, the varieties of harvest from the ocean and the first press of all of the great oils.

This is an incredible time to be a part of the food world as we continue to learn about our planet, our health, and the constant unfolding of the vast culinary journey. At CW, it is our distinct pleasure to go the extra distance in our commitment of offering the best to our customers.

The “we” of CW, a fusion of The Chefs’ Warehouse and unparalleled companies such as Del Monte Meat Company, Ports Seafood, and Allen Brothers, to name a few, are always searching. We turn every leaf to find a new unique spice or the healthiest, happiest local proteins. We venture out to varying coasts (in our life vests and boat shoes) for the finest catch, host workshops by famous culinary practitioners teaching applications of top ingredients, befriend amazing purveyors who let us in on their artisanal practices by allowing us take part in the process, all the while tasting and re-tasting the best in local and imported products. The search ensures our chefs and pastry chefs have everything they need to set the world on fire with their culinary talent and ability.

The extreme creativity from the chefs in the Bay Area continues to impress me here in one of the best food scenes the world has to offer. I hope you enjoyed your summer and look forward to a rich and vibrant fall and the delicious menu inspirations that come with it.