Highlighting SoCal CW’s growing list of impressive chef/pastry chef customers now receiving local produce directly from CW, we zone in on local LA gem, Lodge Bread. Owned and operated by “brother-like” friends, Or Amsalam and Alexander Phaneuf, the “salt of the earth” vibed restauranteurs, and have a long enduring relationship with CW Produce Rep. Casey Kramer.

Lodge Bread’s Naturally Fermented Sourdough topped with farmer’s market sourced radish and avocado from CW SoCal.

Low Down on Lodge Bread with Or Amsalam

“We started the bakery in 2014 out of our backyard. Then we built the business into a brick and mortar spot in Culver City. We specialized in whole grain, naturally fermented sourdough breads and pastries.” (Lodge Bread also offers insanely delicious artisan-crafted pizza, salads and “sammies,” etc. etc.)

“Our customers are pretty loyal. It’s been nice to see that they support us, even if we can’t offer to dine in. Luckily enough, what we offer in our bakery are essential, everyday items for people. Bread and coffee and pastries is something that people need on a daily and weekly basis. It’s really hard to see our colleagues in the restaurant industry suffer through this hard time. We’ve adapted slightly and turned ourselves into more of a marketplace that caters to people’s everyday needs, making us almost like a one-stop-shop. We try and offer items that people will take home and keep in the fridge or in the pantry, like nut butters, butter, eggs and avocados, peaches (obtained from CW SoCal Produce). We do our best to help people out as well. At the beginning of COVID, it was really tough to get certain things. It was easier for us to get them for our people who didn’t want to go to the store. Catering to those needs really helped us. We’ve done this with our sister restaurant (Kosher hummus focused), Hasiba, over on Pico Blvd. as well.”