This is the dawning of the age of clean, green, plant-based culinary wonders vitalizing the spectrum of historic gastronomy. This sun-filled spring, The Chefs’ Warehouse is thrilled to invite you to our new, ever blossoming Plant-Based Category where you will discover an earth-friendly bounty of dazzling new ingredients, along with long loved staples that have always championed the pathway of healthy, innovative eating.

Nikki Thomas,
Regional Director of Procurement, The Chefs’ Warehouse

Authenticity – that’s what people are talking about. 

Trends come and go, and some come back with a vengeance like ‘80s
fashion.  I am hopeful though that wanting to know where our food comes from is not a trend, but that we’ve rediscovered a value that previous generations understood well.

I hope we can pass on this value to future generations.  We should ask how the animals were cared for, if our manufacturers are responsible stewards of our natural resources, and if the end product we put into our bodies is
wholesome and satisfying.

We work with ingredient-driven chefs, and we hope that regardless of the  current food trends, that our customers will continue to rely on us for those
wholesome ingredients that will set themselves apart, and promote the well-being of their diners.