CW BEGAN WITH BUTTER. Therefore, it is only fitting that we kick butter up a notch by providing not only the finest butter, with our Private Label Grand Reserve Butter, but also the ability to make butter simply beautiful with our Butter Transfers brought to you by and Francois Mellet and his talented R&D team.

We named it Grand Reserve for a reason!

Grand Reserve Butter is USDA AA rated, (the highest butter rating), originates from small farms in Wisconsin and New England, is OU Kosher from certified dairies and is always made fresh, never frozen! Grand Reserve is also distinct for being a European style butter, created by using a slower churning movement (originated in Europe), which creates a far creamier texture than standard high grade butters.

Available at CW in three butter fat percentiles, Grand Reserve 82% and 83%.

Wow your table guests with CW Grand Reserve Butter and our original selection of gorgeous transfer sheets, part of the selection of new décor we introduced in the Pastry Catalog Q4 2018. And customize! Get your own custom logo on a sheet designed by you.

Butter Beautiful with CW Butter Transfer Sheets.
Up your butter presentation in  5-easy steps.

1. Place transfer on flat surface making sure the cocoa butter design is facing up. Place a frame around the transfer sheets.

2. Warm up Grand Reserve Butter to 31 Celsius/88 Fahrenheit, emulsify well.

3. Using a pallet knife, spread a thin layer of butter on top of the transfer sheet, add remaining butter to your desired thickness, and place in freezer

4. Once frozen, remove carefully the transfer sheets from the butter and place in the refrigerator to fully defreeze.

5. Remove from the fridge and cut to desired size.