Bruce Luong

Growing up in a traditional Vietnamese culture, I learned at a very young age to appreciate food. Every weekend our families would get together and enjoy what other families were cooking, trying new dishes or discussing what to make with what someone had caught or picked from a nearby farm. I wanted to try everything and loved the taste of all of the flavors. That brought me to working for my Aunt’s restaurant when I was 16 years old. I used my work in restaurants to pay for my expenses in high school and college. Knowing that I wanted to work around food or for a food company, I started working in the food distribution business right after college in Accounting. I have stayed in this field for 23 years. I consider working for CW as the pinnacle of my career. The Chefs Warehouse gives me the opportunity to engage with the most elite people, producers, and restaurants in the world.

West Coast Connection

The Chefs’ Warehouse and our customers create a universe of our own, overflowing with fascinating chef, ingredient, and restaurateur stories.

Season of the Sun

CW’s EVP West Coast Bruce Luong welcomes the season of the sun and the bounty of outstanding fresh ingredients that are ushered in with the balmy days and al fresco nights.

Focus on the Bounty

Focusing on the bounty of Bay Area resources, we look forward to providing local unique items to our customers like never before. In the...

Food Sharp

The current mission of The Chefs’ Warehouse San Francisco, as a world class distributor, is to bring specialty products to our chefs with the...