With Asian Noodles sitting atop Forbes’ 2018’s biggest dining trends, the mighty noodle’s steady cross-cultural fusion across restaurant menus, there is a growing appetite for a springy array of noodle variety.

What’s driving this noodle trend? All chopsticks point to ‘Mazemen’, a genius Japanese-inflected ramen sans broth but packed with the classic and creative topping accompaniments such as roast pork, soft cooked eggs, mushrooms, green onions, ginger, and nori.

When it comes to sourcing your restaurant-quality ramen, look to Sun Noodle’s IQF (Individually Quick-Frozen) Ramen, a chef-driven noodle source put on the culinary map by celebrity chefs Momofuku’s David Chang, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, and Marcus Samuelsson. Rooted in family, Sun Noodle was started in Honolulu in 1981 by Hidehito Uki, shifted production to California, before finally moving to the East Coast.

So, what goes into Sun Noodle’s ramen perfection? Their building blocks are founded in four simple ingredients: wheat flour, purified water, salt, and kansui, a sodium and potassium carbonate mixture that gives the ramen its unique texture. Each batch is made with the highest standards, the finest ingredients. Their ramen are portioned, pre-cooked, and flash frozen to lock in freshness – the end result will bring you a perfectly balanced bowl of ramen, enhanced by the harmony of taste and texture.