Whether you are a pastry chef, or simply looking to offer pastry chef-caliber desserts, The Chefs’ Warehouse has the ultimate wish list to round out your dessert menu.

Wish List Highlights


Valrhona’s new Andoa Dark 70% is a single origin from Peru offering citrus notes and intense bitterness. Meanwhile, Andoa Milk 39% is smooth yet robust, sure to enchant the taste buds.

Named in honor of indigenous dialects spoken in the Peruvian Amazon, Andoa is a prime example of Valrhona’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and fair trade. Chocolates are made from the best raw materials available. Valrhona has built strong relationships with farmers who grow certified cocoa beans with a unique aromatic profile and who are in compliance with organic farming practices.

Andoa pairings: fruits, aromas, spices
70% Cocoa, Fat 42%, Sugar 29%


Crescendo Pastry Shells
Who doesn’t appreciate a delicious, well-textured shell? Crescendo has mastered the pastry shell art, with two different types — chocolate-glazed shells, and savory shells glazed with egg whites. Crescendo shells are easy to prepare, fully edible, and sturdy; they hold strong the entire day.
Bridor Pastry
Bridor Pastry takes pride in its skilled and passionate craftsmen and women. Bridor has a tremendous product line that must be experienced. Choose from croissants, brioche, baguettes and more. Just like you made it yourself, but better!

Transform your next mousse or ice cream with CW’s dynamic array of flavor compounds from Hero, PreGel and Fabbri. Choose from myriad flavors including Roasted Almond Paste, Raspberry Compound and Bergamot Paste.

The best celebrations include unique decorative touches. Chefs’ Warehouse has all the “small things” that show your guests you go the extra mile to make their occasions special, including Crispy Pearls, Chocolate Shavings, Coatings (Mirror Glaze), Texture Spray, Chocolate Marble Pencils, Gold Leaf, Glitter Glaze, Pre-made Fondant and much more!