On a warm, breezy evening this past July, The Chefs’ Warehouse hosted The Hodo Soy Event, led by CW’s own Nikki Thomas, at the handsome Kitchen Collective (Urban Cooking Collective), in ever-blossoming Napa, California.

The casual but elegant event kicked off with a brief company and product synopsis from longtime Hodo Soy Rep, Henry Hsu, while guests enjoyed unctuous, tofu-inspired passed hors d’oeuvres around Kitchen Collective’s inviting, outdoor fire pit and bar area.

For the seated portion of the affair, KC’s very own Chef Itmar Abramovitch treated the attendees, made up of top local chefs, wine purveyors, and CW and Del Monte Sales Reps, to a dynamic five-course menu that truly highlighted the exciting application possibilities of Hodo Soy.

CW’s Nikki Thomas sums it up perfectly: “Tofu is an underutilized ingredient, historically relegated to traditional Asian preparations. Hodo Soy, which started as a mom and pop, Bay Area procured product that got its start at local farmers markets, is revolutionizing tofu’s identity. We are so excited that an event like this can get our chef-customers engaged and curious about this unique but versatile ingredient and learn how to incorporate it in their menus.”