The Chefs’ Warehouse’s Award Winning Artisan, Francois Mellet, does it again, with two unique recipes that will
delight your customer’s eyes and taste buds with surprises in color, taste, and texture, featuring select gourmet pastry ingredients from Boiron, Chocoa, and Crescendo.

Mellet’s Mango Passionfruit Religieuse (shown below), is a dessert designed for Easter with its crisp, cookie-covered French cream puff, luxurious fondant icing, unique textures from France, and delightful flavors from the tropics.

Similar to the ‘haute’ cupcake, Cake Pops keep coming
back around to earning even more dazzling artisan status. With spring’s burst of floral color comes a new type of
bouquet, where each nibble has the perfect balance of sumptuous cake and creamy ganache.

Spring has sprung with Francois Mellet’s Gananche Lollipops featuring Chocoa Supreme 66% Ganache, along with a suite of all-natural flavorings and colorings.