Executive Chef Amy Hongkham brings over 23 years of hands-on experience in a wide spectrum of cuisine styles to chic, gastropub styled Tiburon Tavern at Tiburon Lodge, in Marin, CA.

Being a native Texan (where she trained at the Art Institute of Houston), Chef Amy offers first-hand knowledge and expertise on the subject of beef protein.

Her discerning taste and specific criteria for quality in this capacity make her an ideal voice for your menu considerations, not to mention, she’s one cool human being.

“I tried a lot of steaks. Trust me. You name it, I tried it, tested it in a hundred ways. A lot of the products were missing one very important aspect called consistency. My CW Rep Daniel Rothbart was like ‘Try Allen Brother’s New 12 Ounce Portion Packed New York Steak.’ I love it! It has everything I was looking for. This beef has a delicious natural flavor with it’s own subtle saltiness, and a great texture. And the consistency I was looking for was really there. I froze it, it was the same. I let it sit in the fridge, same thing. The quality just showed up time and time again whether rare, medium, or well done.

We did a taste test with a sirloin and the Allen Brother’s NY 12 ounce and the difference was clear. The flavor and texture really stood out. It’s been selling great. Before we were selling one steak a day and now we’re up to about 12 steaks per day because everyone is loving it. We were able to raise the price point up too because the entrée is becoming more and more popular.”

Executive Chef Amy Hongkham
Tiburon Tavern, Marin, CA