JAMBON DE PARIS from Fabrique Délices

One of the best Parisian style hams available – rich and delicate. Lean, low-fat whole-muscle pork slowly sous-vide, carefully seasoned, and perfect for slicing. For sandwiches, croque monsieur, quiches, pizza topping, party trays, antipasto platters, appetizers & breakfast dishes.

…EVEN MORE from Vermont Creamery

With 82% butterfat Vermont Creamery’s Cultured Butter with Sea Salt and Cultured Butter Unsalted are simply perfection. And Vermont Creamery’s Creme Fraiche is deliciously rich cultured cow’s cream with a thick, creamy texture and slightly tart nutty flavor.


Unleash your creativity with the 4th chocolate as Mona Lisa takes the next steps and creates a full palette of decorations for you to add uniqueness, flavour, texture and shape to your chocolates and pastries. Add sparkling colour and the delightful taste of ruby.

AWESOME BURGER from Sweet Earth

Why Awesome? Because it tastes great! Made primarily from pea-protein – no soy, which can be overly filling – but not with The Awesome Burger’s wonderful, rich flavor.It’s actually hard to tell it’s not beef.