Marin French is the oldest, continually operating cheese manufacturer in California. Their humble beginnings date back to 1865 with their first cheese, Breakfast Cheese, a fresh, unripened brie.

They’ve come a long way since, garnering recognition for their cheeses through the years while expanding their selection, all from milk sourced within 20 miles of their facility in West Marin.

Over 150 years in the business and what’s most admirable is that they’ve stayed true to their roots, producing artisan cheeses that have a sense of place.

In the last decade, Marin French has expanded their offerings to include a wider range of petite cheeses. These 4 oz. cheeses are small, but mighty in flavor.

Marin Petite Cendree
2016 Sofi Award Finalist

Striking on a cheese plate thanks to a thin layer of vegetable ash tucked underneath its bloomy rind. The ash softens the acidity of the cheese. Creamy and smooth, this would pair well with a 
Pinot Noir, California Cabernet, or a Muscatel.
Marin Petite Crème
This is rich cheese with a fudgy texture. Buttery and smooth, this is a decadent treat. Bring out the bubbles to serve with this cheese!
Marin Petite Truffle
Speckled with Urbani Italian Black Truffles, this is packed with flavor. This cheese is earthy, creamy and should not be underestimated.