Hear All About It! With 36 episodes and 4.9 out 5-star reviews, CW’s Ingredient Insiders Podcast Series with John Magazino (Veteran Ingredient Specialist/ CW Director of Business Development, and Andrea Parkins (CW VP Sales/President of Digital Merchandising) is an official hit!

Join The Chefs’ Warehouse’s very own food celebrities John Magazino and Andrea Parkins as they travel on a culinary journey inside the minds of the world’s top chefs and the ingredients that inspire them in the kitchen.

Marine Leman, Valrhona
Miami Chef Michelle Bernstein
Ingredient Insiders Host: John Magazino
James Kent
Chef Ignacio Mattos
Pastry Chef, Michael Laiskonis
Ingredient Insider Host: Andrea Parkins

It’s so easy to enjoy! Check it out on the way to work! When prepping for your lunch and dinner service. Indulge in the decadent, fun-spirited, inspiration, and ingredient education of Ingredient Insiders for your next menu makeover! This Podcast is Artisan-High End Tasty.

You don’t want to miss being in the room when all the ingredient/culinary- key-convo happens such as Daniel Boulud on Scallops with Bristol Seafood & The Right Scallops, Octopus Convo with Brad Rubano & MARKFOODS FAO 34, the last word on Italian Olive Oil: Albert DeAngelis & Monini, Caviar with Michael White & Sasanian Caviar, and Fried Chicken with Lee Schrager & Freebird Chicken, to name but a few! You also don’t want to miss Ingredient Insiders, ‘What’s In Your Pantry?’ segments where the best chefs share their must-have pantry staples, and some will surprise you! Get lifted, informed, and
inspired with Ingredient Insiders, Available on Apple, Audible, or wherever you source your podcast pleasure.