Always on the hunt for unique and authentic experiences, Harney & Sons is pleased to offer exciting varieties on trend for consumers in 2019. Teas for Health & Wellness, with naturally bright bold colors, and globally inspired flavors are sure to be a hit.

Blue Tea, Matcha & Turmeric are Trending

The latest trend among tea connoisseurs is blue tea. It’s been gaining in popularity, has become an Instagram star across Asia, from Thailand to Bali, and now has hit the mainstream western market. “Its color is unique”, says Vikram Mittal, tea expert on the Hindustan Times, adding, “In this age where presentation is everything, such is the visual appeal of the blue tea that it doesn’t matter how you serve it, it just looks gorgeous.”

Also trending is Matcha. For years it’s been a tea buzzword but now it’s a booming superfood trend. Produced in Japan for centuries and used by Buddhist monks to stay calm and alert during meditation, vivid-green Matcha also has 10 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. It’s graduated from being a health-food store staple to a superfood ingredient used in a wide variety of applications.

And among the healthy buzzwords cycling around on the internet is Turmeric. Prominently found in Indian cooking, Turmeric is full of curcumin, an anti-inflammatory herb that’s long been used in Vedic & Chinese Medicine to alleviate pain and as a blood mover.

Harney and Sons Fine Teas fully embraces these health and wellness tea trends in beautiful, convenient packaging, perfect for hotels, country clubs, cafes, takeout, and grab ‘n go


Matcha Iri Genmaicha is a classic Japanese pairing of invigorating green tea with roasted and popped brown rice kernels.

Butterfly Flower Lemonade pairs the vibrant blue and purple hues of Butterfly Pea Flowers, native to Southeast Asia, with organic lemonade for a refreshing, show-stopping drink.

Turmeric Orange American Buzz blends yaupon, a caffeinated native holly with flavorful and functional turmeric root. India’s Ayurvedic healing tradition.

Harney Happy Hour

Whether lounging lakeside or celebrating Summer with friends, Harney teas are sure to make you smile. Perfectly pair their variety of tea blends with your favorite beverage for a delightfully refreshing cocktail or mocktail.

Green Tea Margarita

    1 oz Tequila
    1 oz Limoncello liqueur
    1/2 c  Organic Green With Citrus & Ginkgo Fresh Brew Iced Tea
    4 tbsp Lime
    1/2 Lime, cut into wedges (for garnish)
    Pink Himalayan salt (optional)

Moisten the rim of a glass with a lime wedge. Rotate the glass in the salt to “frost” the rim evenly. In a cocktail shaker, add ice and combine remaining ingredients. Shake well and strain into the prepared glass. Garnish with a lime or lemon wedge, and enjoy!

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Steeped in Tradition with Harney & Sons Fine Teas

36 years ago in Salisbury, CT, John Harney, proprietor of the historic White Hart Inn, developed a passion for fine teas. John was introduced to the world of tea by Stanley Mason, who over time taught John the art and business of the craft.

Starting production out of his basement in 1983, John began his journey mastering the art of tea blending. Serving his distinctive blends to inn guests, he soon found they were coming back for more. Today, Harney & Sons sources, blends, and packages their product from start to finish at their headquarters in Millerton, NY, and bottling plant in Hudson, NY, employing over 200 people.

Harney & Sons is committed to delivering its customers the finest quality tea possible. This promise, made over 30 years ago, serves as the company’s guiding principle, with John’s sons, Mike & Paul carrying on the tradition. It is not only the Harney mission to deliver quality, but also to educate their customers on tea’s history and taste.

We now see the most significant expansion coming from two very distinct market segments: functional botanical blends and single estate artisanal teas.