Similar to the ‘haute’ cupcake, Cake Pops keep coming back around to earning even more dazzling artisan status. With spring’s burst of colorful burst of floral comes a new type of bouquet, where each nibble has the perfect balance of sumptuous cake and creamy ganache.

Spring has sprung with Francois Mellet’s Gananche Lollipops featuring Chocoa Supreme 66% Ganache, along with a suite of all-natural flavorings and colorings.

(NOTE: Francois has provided 2 different recipe instructions; the first is from scratch, and the 2nd is an easier version for those seeking to save time).


Chocoa Supreme 66% ganache
500 Grams Heavy cream
100 Grams glucose syrup
700 Grams Chocoa Supreme 66%


Bring the heavy cream and glucose syrup to a simmer. Pour over the Chocoa Supreme 66% Chocolate and stir until chocolate is melted, use an immersion blender to create a nice emulsion.

When the ganache reaches 34C/ 93F, fill the Keller Truffle Shells. Let the ganache set in the shell and then insert a lollipop stick. Seal with tempered Chocoa 66% and then dip into your desired IBC food color chocolate. Before the chocolate crystallizes, decorate with desired Purely Artisan freeze dry fruits to pair with the ganache.

Ease of use version components

QZ 118014 Chocoa dark truffle ganache
QZ 118016 Chocoa white truffle ganache
QZ 103859 Keller truffle shells dark
QZ 103862 Kelley truffle shells truffle
10314871 IBC Power Flowers color palette kit
Purely Artisan freeze dry fruit


Warm the Chocoa truffle ganache to a Luke warm stage. Using a Crescendo piping bag fill the Keller truffle shells with the ganache.Once the ganache is set, place a lollipop stick in the ganache, close the remaining gap with chocolate and let the chocolate crystallize.

Using the IBC color of your choice, dip the lollipops into the colored chocolate, decorate with Purely Artisan flavor of your choice to pair with the filling.