Over 50 years ago, FoodHandler® was the first company to focus on developing solutions specifically designed for safe food handling. Today, we continue this focus to lead the way in keeping food safe with ingenuity and innovative products for the foodservice industry.

In 1969, the company known today as FoodHandler® formed as a market leader in foodservice poly bags. Years later, FoodHandler® expanded their offering to pioneer the foodservice glove market along with other foodservice protection items such as aprons. This market-leading company set forth to change the industry and paved the way for ingenuity and innovation in foodservice operations.

Food contamination poses a serious and costly threat
to all aspects of foodservice operations and with the Coronavirus Pandemic, foodservice operations must be even more vigilant to protect their operation, employees and their customers. With innovative products and programs that leverage the latest technologies to protect workers and consumers alike, FoodHandler® remains committed to helping our customers reduce risk.

“Food safety is an important aspect of any foodservice operation. Customers want to know they are being served quality, safe food and are more vigilant about cleanliness in light of the Coronavirus pandemic than ever before. Owners and operators need to ensure employees follow sound food safety practices and have the knowledge and tools to do so. FoodHandler provides both the knowledge and the tools for operators to find success in their food safety endeavors.”
– Kevin Roberts, Ph.D.

We give you access to information and industry insights related to food safety and are committed to helping keep our customers up to date on the most advanced processes for assuring safe food handling. Your FoodHandler® representative is always available to provide a food safety consultation and coordinate worker training to ensure that your business is protected.

At FoodHandler®, food safety is our top priority, which is why we offer a no-cost, educational experience with our SafeBites® Webinar series. Our team of experienced industry professionals deliver quality messages, rich content and relevant insights to the foodservice industry. SafeBites® allows participants to earn continuing education credits in order to maintain annual eligibility status.

SafeBites® presents some of the most notable experts in the foodservice industry. Each presenter provides a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help foodservice operators address and overcome the challenges associated with keeping food safe. Webinars are open for registration on: