Burrata originated in the small area of Apulia region, not far from where Di Stefano Owner Mimmo Bruno, the man responsible for introducing Burrata to the U.S., was born. 

Di Stefano Burrata, the favorite of globally renown chefs like Nancy Silverton, also well-known restaurateur and purveyor, is treasured for its fresh, creamy, authentic flavor and divine texture. What keeps Di Stefano Burrata growing in popularity has to do with its consistent layered creamy deliciousness combined with the never-ending myriad of recipes possible with this versatile ingredient.

From Risotto Milanese with Burrata, Burrata with Chimichurri and Acorn Squash, super sexy Savory Donuts with Burrata and Caviar, or of course just accompanied by fresh basil, heirloom tomatoes, EVOO and sea salt over grilled La Brea bread… it seems anything chefs create with Di Stefano Burrata thrills their guests again and again.

Here Co-Owner/Chef of Marin, CA treasure, Guesthouse, offers his fresh summer spin on the winning ingredient Di Stefano Burrata. 

“I love serving Di Stefano Burrata on grilled sourdough bread with some very good EVO drizzled over and Maldon salt flakes sprinkled on top. That’s awesome by itself, but Di Stefano Burrata is also a great base that you can add so many other ingredients to depending on what’s in season and delicious. For summer we like to notch it up with sautéed fava beans and salsa verde/pesto or pair Di Stefano Burrata with vine ripe tomatoes, grilled artichokes and marinated citrus or even lobster!”

Jared Rogers
Co-owner/Chef of Guesthouse,
Kentfield, CA


Welcome to Guesthouse, where the music’s spot on, the cocktails are flowing, the wood fire grill is fired up, and the food has that “I can’t put my finger on it” allure. Did we mention the bar is epically big? Marin just got more delicious.

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