Introducing The Allen Brothers’ Beef Program with United Markets of Marin, CA and CW’s First Foray Into Retail

When asked why she chose to facilitate the Allen Brothers Beef Program to United Markets, instead of a bigger name market like Whole Foods, Leslie shared: “I shop at United Markets and I like that they’re still locally owned. They’re still growing in identity and striving to revamp themselves. I like to give someone else a chance. United Markets are not in bed with the big commercial companies and they also like to promote small local purveyors, which is plain to see when you look at a lot of their unique, locally procured inventory.”

Beyond this being a great opportunity to grow business and improve branding for United Markets, launching CW/Allen Brothers’ first foray into retail is very exciting. Durkee explains: “Heretofore, you could only get Allen Brothers in a restaurant. For those that don’t know, Allen Brothers is the oldest ranch house in the United States, from the fabled streets of Chicago’s historic Union Stock Yard. For over 125 years, Allen Brothers has been at the forefront of hand-selecting and aging beef. The premium (highest grade of USDA Prime) cut now being offered at United Markets is 100 % Angus Filet with generous marbling. To be able to buy this kind of high end, quality beef at your local meat counter at an affordable price range is truly remarkable,” Durkee added.

Despite the delicious opportunity (literally and figuratively) for United Markets and its customers, Leslie highlighted the importance of educating the “home chef” consumer on the distinct differences of more traditional grocery store meat, known as “green meat,” which never changes color, compared to the higher quality Allen Brothers’ beef that is aged for 28 days and inherently starts to turn a brownish color. “An inexperienced consumer may come to the conclusion that the meat isn’t good because of this browning. Quite the contrary, the change in color is indicative that the meat is ‘blooming,’ which literally translates to offering more rich and delicious flavor,” Leslie shared.

To get everyone really excited and aware about the new exclusive, Leslie went beyond the call of duty, by going on-site (at United Markets in San Raphael and San Anselmo locations), firing up the grill and cooking up generous samples of the Allen Brothers’ filets for unassuming customers to try. Facilitating CW Sales Rep Daniel Rothbart and CW/Del Monte Nor Cal VP Matthew Mosebrook, were also on-site to support and promote the unique event.

With the resonating success of this first meaty foray into retail by CW and Allen Brothers, it is clear this type Allen Brothers’ Beef Program (and others like it) will go from hot to hotter in no time, empowering small, local businesses like United Markets of Marin and CW/Allen Brothers retail presence into the future and beyond.