The first quarter of 2017 is an exciting time for The Chefs’ Warehouse and Michael’s Finer Meats and Seafood. This is the time of the year where we gain momentum and steam for the entire year.

There is no better time than Valentine’s Day to show off the reasons why most restaurants, country clubs, hotels and food service establishments pick Michael’s Finer Meats & Seafoods for their Valentine’s Day needs.

With a bigger push for the story behind where the products come from and how they are handled we not only have these talking points but, we have become the leader in the marketplace that is hungry for education.

4Filet of Ribeye

One protein cut that really shows our strength is the filet of ribeye. We can produce what looks similar to a beef filet, cut from the ribeye with the bite and taste of a ribeye, in a portion cut ranging from 4-8 ounces. Another time tested, true and trusted fan favorite for Valentine’s Day has always been the chateaubriand or steak for two. We take great care in aging the tenderloins to the prefect age to ensure the best quality filet. In addition to that our packaging has always been centered on delivering the product how the end user prefers it.

3Chemical Free Seafood

For many, many years Michael’s Finer Meats and Seafood’s has prided itself is being able to offer our customers a full line of fresh and frozen seafood options that we have continue to develop with our new ownership from Chefs Warehouse. Being able to offer a full line of chemical free seafood options such as scallops, calamari (The Right Squid) and shrimp puts us on level that allows us to show our customers the healthier side of our protein list.

2Lobster Tails

It would not be Valentine’s Day without telling our customers about the full line of lobster tails ranging from Canadian to Australian and even South African tails in every possible size. Some of the best lobster tails in the world are stocked at Michael’s Finer Meats and Seafoods. They are the cold water lobster tails from South Africa. The cold water allows for a much harder shell and a much sweeter flavor. Being able to offer these type of tails once again shows how we have become the leader in that category in our markets.


Another very nice fresh seafood protein line that we will highlight for Valentine’s Day is an endless supply of fresh east and west coast oysters. Nothing says happy Valentine’s Day quite like fresh oysters. These are a “flavor” of the day option. We work on being able to offer several different types such as Kusshi, Kumamoto’s, Midnight Bay’s, Otter Cove and Sunset Beach from the west coast along with Chesapeake, Spinney Creek and Malpaque’s from the east coast, just to name a few.