Our CW roots began in 1956 when two Cypriot immigrant cousins returned from the Korean War effort as American veterans. Together they founded The Veterans’ Butter and Egg Company in a small warehouse on Greenwich Street in lower Manhattan, supplying fresh butter, eggs, and cheese to numerous New York restaurants.

Quality dairy is our mission. It’s who we’ve always been, it’s what we do. From our expansive gourmet cheese category to our rich creams, fresh eggs, and full-fat BUTTERS, our CW Dairy Program is more than just a corporate hub, it is a central to our identity. And we’re great at it.

Mike Behan, our Midwest Specialty Sales Director, spoke with one chef initially resistant to our premium 83% Grand Reserve Butter. “I only use the best French butter with 82% fat…and it’s expensive,” the chef cautioned.

A closer look at the label showed this expensive “French” butter was not French at all — it was manufactured in the Midwest. This Chef was paying a premium for a misperception. Enter 83% Grand Reserve Butter: the 83% fat content instead of 82% means richer quality, and it’s available at a lower cost.

That extra one percent makes a real difference: 83% Grand Reserve Butter will take your cuisine to the next level. Butter makes everything better, and it’s our CW mission to make you the best chef you can be.

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