There’s a new sheriff in town. Paul Savage, the new V.P. of Del Monte Meats LLC was cutting meat on the family farm back in Missouri at age 12, and driving a meat truck before he had his drivers license, one could say Savage was ‘born into the business of meat.’

CW Magazine met up with Savage at Del Monte in Brisbane, CA, to get his take on all things protein, cattle farming, and distribution.

Why The Chef’s Warehouse and Del Monte Meat Company?
‘Del Monte is the market leader, with great opportunity for growth not only in this region, but across the country as well. Young chefs nowadays are looking for unique, one of a kind brands. Del Monte specializes in this. Chefs also want to know exactly where their meat comes from. Mass production is out, a century old family farm in Iowa or Northern Cali, for example, is ‘back’ in. ‘

Your take on Del Monte Meats Company so far?
‘This is a great culture to work in. There is a reason why employees stick around for twenty years like, Office Manager Cocoa White, or over thirty years like Ron Guaraldi in sales. I know a lot of people say it, but Del Monte really is like a family. This was clear from the start.’

What is the future of protein as you see it?
‘The farmer is going to make a huge comeback. More and more people are going back into farming because small, sustainable, quality cattle ranches are in demand. Technology figures in as well. Tracking a specific cow from farm to table is within our grasp. This is the future, the kind of knowledge and ‘story,’ people are going to want to see.’

Running small local farms is expensive right?
‘Not when you figure that the happier your cows are the higher quality the meat is going to be and the more profit you make by a long shot. There is a big pay off for raising your cattle well.’

Out of interest, what is your favorite cut of beef?
‘The Strip without the kernel fat.’

Why not the Rib Eye?
‘The Strip has the same marbling as the ribeye without the excess fat.’

Some people really like the fat.

‘More power to ’em.’

What about Offal? Are you a fan of the on going culinary trend utilizing Offal at the center of the plate?
‘Where I come from, we like the main cuts. But I’m very happy about Offal’s popularity of course!’